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Your Comprehensive Guide to the Louisiana Fortify Homes Program with Lapeyre Construction

Louisiana Fortify Homes Program Guide:

Quick Steps to Obtain the LFHP Grant
  1. Submit Your Initial Application
  2. Request Bids from Contractors
  3. Select and Submit Contractor Bids
  4. Choose Your Final Contractor and Submit Required Documents

Embarking on the journey through the Louisiana Fortify Homes Program can be meticulous. Lapeyre Construction, your trusted roofing contractor, is here to guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience. Our comprehensive Louisiana Fortify Homes Program Guide is designed to navigate homeowners seamlessly through the process, ensuring every step towards obtaining the LFHP grant is clear and straightforward.

1. Initiating Your Application: The First Step in the Louisiana Fortify Homes Program

  • Application Details: Include your name, email, SSN, and address.
  • Evaluator Selection: Choose an evaluator, ensuring they are available.
  • Accuracy is Key: Make sure all information is accurate and valid to prevent application denial.

Lapeyre Construction Tip
: Always double-check your application details and confirm the availability of your selected evaluator to ensure a smooth start.

2. Request Bids from Contractors: Engaging the Experts

  • Select Three Contractors: Choose carefully, considering their expertise, availability, and reliability.
  • Submit Bid Requests: Ensure all selected contractors receive your request.
  • Await Responses: This is a new process for all parties involved, so there may be a longer than typical wait time.

Lapeyre Construction is dedicated to providing competitive bids, ensuring you receive unparalleled value and quality in our roofing services.

3. Select and Submit Contractor Bids: Making Informed Choices

  • Review Received Bids: Analyze each bid carefully, considering cost and quality.
  • Select Three Bids: Choose the most appealing bids for submission.
  • Encounter Fewer Bids? Contact LFHP for guidance and potential exemptions.

We recommend homeowners weigh each bid against their specific needs and budget, ensuring a choice that brings value and quality to their project.

4. Choose Your Final Contractor: Solidifying Your Decision

  • Final Contractor Selection: Choose the contractor that aligns with your needs.
  • Document Submission: Provide the Contract Agreement, Final Invoice, and Fortified Roof Certificate.
  • Final Submission: Ensure all details are accurate before submitting.

Lapeyre Construction not only provides expert roofing services but also assists you in ensuring all documents are accurate and submitted correctly, safeguarding your application’s success.

Let's Get Started:

Lapeyre Construction: Your Partner in Louisiana Fortify Homes Program

Navigating through the LFHP can be intricate, but with Lapeyre Construction, you gain more than a contractor; you gain a partner. Our team is committed to guiding you through each step, ensuring clarity, transparency, and a seamless journey through the Fortify Homes System.

We build more than just roofs; we build confidence, fortifying your home against the elements and ensuring a resilient future for your residence in New Orleans. Connect with us and let’s embark on a journey towards a fortified, secure future together.

Restrictions and Requirements for LFHP Grant

  1. Eligibility Criteria
    1. The property must be a single-family structure.
    2. The property should be the primary residence of the applicant.
  2. Application Accuracy
    1. All information provided in the application must be accurate and valid.
    2. Incorrect, false, expired, or invalid information may result in application denial.
  3. Homestead Exemption Certification
    1. Applicants must have a Homestead Exemption for the primary address listed.
    2. Certification of the Homestead Exemption is required.
  4. Citizens Insurance
    1. Depending on the application round, certification of having a Citizens Insurance Policy may be required.
  5. Evaluator Selection
    1. Applicants must select an available evaluator during the application process.
    2. It’s imperative to confirm the evaluator’s availability before submission.
  6. Contractor Bids
    1. Applicants must select three contractors for bid requests.
    2. Bids from contractors must be submitted and reviewed by the applicant.
    3. Three contractor bids must be selected and submitted.
  7. Final Contractor Selection
    1. You must select the final contractor who will perform the work.
    2. Necessary documents, including the Contract Agreement, Final Invoice, and Fortified Roof Certificate, must be uploaded and submitted.
  8. Communication with LFHP
    1. After completing the Evaluator Selection step, applicants can correspond with LFHP staff for further communication or queries.
  9. Completion Notification
    1. After all steps are completed and approved, the applicant will be notified of the application’s completion.


The LFHP, while offering a structured pathway towards home fortification, requires careful navigation through each step. With Lapeyre Construction, you’re assured a transparent, guided, and simplified experience, ensuring your home in New Orleans is fortified with expertise and quality. Let’s navigate through the Fortify Homes System together, ensuring every step is a stride towards a more secure and resilient home.

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