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Fortified Resources for Homeowners

Below Are Fortified Resources That May be Helpful

Louisiana Department of Insurance

Homeowners interested in the Louisiana Fortify Homes Program should be aware of key eligibility and application details. To qualify, the property must be the homeowner’s primary residence with a homestead exemption, and must not be a new construction, condominium, mobile home, or have a dry-stack foundation without an approved retrofit. Required documentation includes proof of residential insurance with wind coverage and, if applicable, flood insurance for homes in FEMA-designated Special Flood Hazard Areas. Additionally, the home must be in good repair as assessed by a FORTIFIED™ Evaluator, and all work must meet the FORTIFIED™ Roof standard with costs managed by the homeowner; grant funds are paid directly to contractors and are restricted to construction costs.

Coverage Amount: $10,000
Main Contact: Thomas Travis
Phone: (225) 342-0111

FHLB of Dallas

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:
  1. For Homeowners: Initiate the process by connecting with an FHLB Dallas member institution.
  2. For FHLB Dallas Members: Download and review the FORTIFIED Application Manual available on the FHLB Dallas website to understand the details and requirements of the program.
  3. Application Preparation: Complete all the required forms found in the FORTIFIED Fund Application Manual.
  4. Submission of Application: After filling out the forms, print and sign them. Gather these along with any required documents from third parties. Compile all documents into a single submission and send your application via email to
These steps will guide you through the process of applying for FORTIFIED funding.
Application Link

Coverage Amount: $15,000
Main Contact: Uknown at This Time
Phone: Phone: (800) 362-2944

Metairie Bank

As a participating lender in the FHLB Dallas FORTIFIED Fund, Metairie Bank is committed to helping homeowners finance their roof fortification projects.

Coverage Amount: $15,000 (max of FHLB)
Main Contact: Alan P. Couvillon
Phone: Phone: (504) 832-5680

Red River Bank

Red River Bank supports your journey to a stronger, more resilient home by offering financing through the FHLB Dallas FORTIFIED Fund.

Coverage Amount: $15,000 (max of FHLB)
Main Contact: Judy Madison
Phone: Phone: (318) 675-2954

Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank aids homeowners in accessing the FHLB Dallas FORTIFIED Fund, providing financial solutions designed for roof fortification.

Coverage Amount: $15,000 (max of FHLB)
Main Contact: Dana Whitaker
Phone: Phone: (985) 892-3921

Habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity plays a crucial role as an intermediary for the FORTIFIED Fund, assisting homeowners in strengthening their homes against severe weather. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity, you gain access to additional resources and expert advice on achieving a fortified roofing standard that provides peace of mind and lasting security.

Coverage Amount: $15,000 (max of FHLB)
Main Contact: Cody Ray
Phone: Phone: (985) 373-7741